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On Pride.

June 5, 2010

We’ve been together for almost two and a half years, and as stereotypes would have it, we have been “living together” since like, two weeks after we met. Like, we spent two nights apart after our first date and since February 2008 we haven’t been apart except for when one of us had to leave town. Anyway, we lived with roommates prior to this, but moving into our own place is nice because I enjoy walking around naked, and our new neighborhood is a lot safer.

It’s noisy, too, but our friend sewed some heavy velvet curtains so now our place is regal and quiet.

Our apartment is just about a one-bedroom. The living room and kitchen look out onto Market, Castro & 17th Streets, the well-known intersection with the rainbow flag, and Harvey Milk Plaza. It’s a fabulous location in a number of ways, and Pride is coming up in less than a month, so I doubt even the heavy velvet curtains will help bring noise levels down to a sleepable level during that whole weekend.

Now. Pride is an interesting thing, especially in San Francisco. Actually, I’m sure Pride events are interesting everywhere (and there’s a documentary in Frameline this year that addresses the differences of all these events), and when I lived in New York I wasn’t aware yet of just how gay I am so I never went to one. I often wonder what San Francisco Pride would look like if it were devoid of all the suppressed queers from out-of-town. It wouldn’t be a regular night in the Castro (that’s really not my area of expertise anyway), but it absolutely wouldn’t be as wild as it is when we invite people from around the world to convene on the Gayest Intersection of the Universe and demand “equality” via body shots. And I’m not condemning fun or celebration, though I know I sound like a grouch.

But, anyway, Pink Saturday is going to happen below our fire escape and I get to watch the whole thing. I’ve lived in San Francisco for going on four years (this will be my third Pride – isn’t it cute how queer transplants count Prides like birthdays?) and I look forward to this one because I’ll get to people watch from the comfort of my home, and with easy access to my bathroom. That’s invaluable on Pink Saturday. I plan on making a time-lapse video of the ebb and flow of the crowds below our place, and that might be the most exciting of all!

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